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Put your policies at the center of your data protection strategy with the industry’s most powerful, flexible policy engine


Know what data you have, where it is and what it’s worth

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Trigger the right policy for appropriate protection of your data

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Apply the right security at the right place, and the right time

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TITUS for GDPR Compliance

Comply with GDPR without compromising your business

Build personal data protection within the day-to-day flow of work. TITUS supports your business in achieving and maintaining compliance for 12 GDPR articles.

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Your Trusted Partner for Data Protection Success

When choosing technology to protect your data, don’t gamble on a single-vendor solution. TITUS has the most flexible and interoperable policy engine, and is open by design, integrating seamlessly with your existing security stack and productivity software on-premise or in the cloud.

With an industry-leading methodology proven over a decade of experience, TITUS is your partner in deploying your data protection strategy. TITUS is designed to support compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR.

Forrester believes classification is the foundation for all of data security, and it's critical for the success of other data security solutions, such as DLP, rights management, and encryption.

Forrester Research

Forrester's TechRadar™: Data Security And Privacy, Q4 2017

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